How does the plan work?

You pay $4995 and you get $16,500 worth of Dentistry to use over the next 24 months, on ANYTHING you need or want!!

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one!! No gimmicks, no co-pays, no deductibles, no waiting periods. You pay for the plan and you get to start your treatment the same day if you want!

Do I have to pay that all at once?

No, we have multiple different payment options and no credit-check financing, so we can work out a payment plan that fits into your budget!

Can I use Care Credit for my down payment?

No. Care Credit can be used for the full amount only. We have multiple other financing options available.

Can I buy multiple plans?

Silver, Gold and Platinum plans are limited to one per person. You can purchase a standard plan in addition to any of the above plans.

Do you offer a family plan?

Yes, the Silver plan can be purchased as a family plan up to 4 members, and the $16,500 is shared by all members. (Each additional member is $1000)

Can I transfer my leftover credit to another person?

Unfortunately, each plan is specific to the individual that purchased it.

If it’s Unlimited, why do I only get $16,500?

Unlimited refers to the treatment you can receive. Unlike Dental Insurance, there are no excluded procedures.

Can I use my Insurance too?

Yes, you pay us for the Unlimited Dentistry plan, then we will submit all treatment to your insurance and you keep anything that they pay out. (The check will go directly to you)

For example, if you have a $2000 max with the insurance company, you pay $4995, and then keep the payout from your insurance company, (the check will go directly to you) making your final cost $2995.

What if I don’t use the whole $16,500 in 24 months?

We will make every effort to utilize all of your benefits. Once your necessary treatment is done, we can help you explore any cosmetic changes you may want to make.

My insurance covers everything, why would I need one of these plans?

Unlike medical plans, dental plans have a yearly maximum and only cover a percentage of each procedure performed. If you have more than one or more teeth that need attention or it has been a little while since you have had dental care, it is unlikely that your insurance benefit ( $1500-$2000) will cover all of your needed expenses. Your dental insurance is meant to help off-set some of the cost for your care, but is not meant to cover all care in the best of circumstances.