Easily one of the most advanced dental procedures available in recent years, dental implants have irreversibly changed the way patients view their tooth replacement options. Historically dominated by less-than-desirable, temporary options, dental prosthetics included partial bridges and dentures. With the invention of dental implants, many patients can now enjoy long-term durability and unsurpassed aesthetics; qualities that dentures have always fallen just short of.

Using porcelain crowns secured to titanium posts planted into facial bones, dental implants last for decades, giving users confidence in speaking, chewing and smiling that dentures and bridges simply can’t guarantee. The one obvious drawback to implants is its restrictive cost. Initially, the cost to build and install implants can be quite expensive, leaving many candidates having to choose to opt for cheaper options for tooth replacement.

Which is precisely why we do what we do. We understand that high-quality dental procedures can be out of reach for most Americans. It is our goal to help local residents receive the care they need without the high starting costs. Matching you up with a local dentist, our program is designed to allow you to make affordable monthly payments on dental implants and a number of other general and cosmetic dentistry procedures. Customizing each financing plan to the exact recommendations made by your dentist, we work to ensure your needs are quickly and fully taken care of.

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