If you’ve ever experienced a midnight toothache or unexpectedly cracked a tooth while dining out, you know just how excruciating the pain can be and how frustrating it is if you can’t get relief right away. Because certain dental issues can cause further health problems, it is imperative that sufferers get treatment as soon as possible. Unfortunately, emergency dental visits can be quite expensive, prohibiting many access to relief as they choose to forgo treatment.

Bolstered by the belief that everyone has a right to high-quality dental care and should be able to see a dentist when needed, we have designed and implemented a unique dental care financing program that has helped thousands of Arizona residents enjoy easy, affordable access to local dentists.

Acting as your advocate, we’ll get you scheduled quickly for an emergency visit with a local participating dentist. Your dental care professional will then work directly with us, providing a care plan and the expected costs of treatment. We’ll then customize a payment schedule that is based on that care and is considerate of your personal budget.

Discover how having a professional finance team on your side can make all the difference by contacting the Unlimited Dentistry team today. We promise professional service with a personal touch.