Crooked, gapped and overlapping teeth cause more than just a bit of embarrassment. Without treatment, misaligned teeth can eventually cause gum problems, cavities and additional shifting of teeth, making the need for braces all the more important. Whether you’re an adult who is considering Invisalign or have a teenager that is in need of traditional metal braces, the costs can make many candidates for braces delay treatment.

Luckily, there is an alternative to simply living with the negatives of crooked teeth. As financing experts dedicated to providing funding for dental care, we have helped thousands of Arizona families receive the braces they need without having to wait. Our unique program partners you with a local participating dentist that specializes in your exact oral health need. Starting with a free consultation, your dentist creates a customized treatment plan and submits it to your personal financing consultant at Unlimited Dentistry. After assessing the plan and your budget, we establish a feasible payment plan that allows you to experience the high-quality care you deserve.

Find out why we’re becoming the fastest growing source for dental care financing by contacting our team in Arizona today. We look forward to helping you enjoy affordable care now.